BGN tires are being used on Material handing equipments such as Forklift Trucks, Baggage Trolleys, Port Trailers, Platform trucks, Tow Trucks and Skid Steer machines etc.

We use our advanced technical capabilities, Research and development skills, innovation skills and the best manufacturing practices to deliver the best products for the optimum customer satisfaction. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to be the best at meeting the customer demands. You can download the technical data Book Here.

BGN products are designed for the best Traction on wet and dry conditions and in extreme weather conditions. Also minimum Wear and Tear, high Stability and comfortable ride on all types of surfaces.

We have developed products that will enable all our customers to enjoy optimum speed, comfort and safety.

By using BGN Solid Tires you can reduce your operational costs on energy, downtime, and overall tire costs, due to following Key features.

  • Lower Rolling resistance
  • Durability
  • Longer Life Time
  • Lower Maintenance

All Solid Tires manufactured by BGN Industrial Tyres (PVT) LTD are covered by a Limited Warranty on materials used, workmanship and any other manufacturing defect, subject to the usage of the products under right conditions and applications.